New book about Lenormand cards.

August 22, 2008

“El método Lenormand”

I have just published a book about Lenormand cards. Unfortunately it is only available in Spanish at the moment. The book guides you step by step through the learning process and supports the explanations with many exercises, examples, etc.

Two of the main classical methods to read the “Grand Tableau” explained in a single volume.

Instead of focusing in the meanings, I thought it was necessary to explain with detailed instructions the methodology to read the “Grand Tableau” in detail.

There will be a website with additional material (videos, articles, demo readings, etc) to support the content of the book and to comunicate with the readers. The website url is http://www.metodolenormand.com

I’ll tell you more in the next post.


The New Lenormand

December 30, 2007

I’m working on a new Lenormand deck. It is in progress but a few images can be seen at http://www.thenewlenormand.com

It is a deck based on the Petit Lenormand tradition, so the symbols remain the same. The difference is the approach of the illustration and that some meanings are used as visual clues in the background of each card.

Each card has its name in Spanish and English, the Playing Card associated, house number and no verses.


More European Oracles

March 2, 2007

Art Deco.

Another interesting Oracle is the Art-Deco published by Piatnik.

This deck is an improvement of the Gypsy Fortune Teller Cards or Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten also published by Piatnik.

The art in this deck is very nice also and colorful. There are 52 cards in this deck and there is no booklet or leaflet accompaning this deck. Here you have a few images from this deck.

Art Deco. Piatnik

Il Vostro Destino

Published by Bergamo.

This cards are also very nice. This is basically an Italian Sybilla, it has some diferences though. There are also 52 cards.

There is a small image of the related playing card.

These cards smell bad when you lay them out and they are new. Just a curious thing.

There is no booklet, but a very small leaflet with just 2 layouts and no meanings at all.

Il Vostro Destino


Lenormand Meanings

March 2, 2007

Here you have a video post with the meanings of Lenormand cards.


Lenormand Demo Reading

March 1, 2007

Here you have a demo reading using Lenormand cards.

 Step #1. You have to look for the personal card for the querent. If the querent is a man then his personal card is #28, if the querent is a women her personal card is #29.

Step #2. Put the personal card of the querent in the center of the layout. Now shuffle and ask for information. There’s no specific question.

Step #3. Start taking card by card and put it in the top row from left to right, 3 cards.

Step #4. Now put 1 card at the left hand side of the querent’s personal card. One more card at the right hand side of the querent’s personal card.

Step #5. Just put 3 more cards in the botton row.

Look at the picture and you’ll understand how to do it.


The Reading.

1. Left hand side column. Recent Past. Fish + Garden + Book

The recent past is about money. Information is going to be taken out of secrecy and everybody will know this information.

Now I try to combine the cards of this column with the adjacent cards.

Book + Sun = Some information is going to be known. It could be a book being published also.

Garden + Stork = Changes related with dealing with public. This makes sense with the book being publish (from the previous combination).

Recent Past Summary:

There have been changes in your mind. Related with going into public with some information that you have or with a book you could publish.

2. Middle column. Present time. Stork + Querent + Sun.

There are changes happening right know in the querent’s life and it seems that those changes are going to be positive for him.

3. Right hand side column. Near future. Birds + Fox + Key.

The querent has to be smart and intelligent. He hast to look his interests because there are small and temporary problems ahead, but if he acts with intelligence he will get the solution to sort it out.

4. Top Row. What is in his mind? His Fears? His Thoughts?

Garden + Stork + Birds

The querent thinks about going into public with the information we referred to before. He is worried about drastic changes because it could bring up problems.

5. Current Situation. Fish + Querent + Fox.

The querent is worried about his financial status and is skeptic about the future. He works hard to take care of his family needs.

6. Situation that is going to materialize soon. Book + Sun + Key

The publishing of that book or the release of information is going to be beneficial and will bring hapiness and success to his life. This seems to be a “key event” in his life and this will carry solutions to the probable future problems ahead.

I hope the good things predicted in this reading will come true. I’ll let you know about any feedback.


Welcome to European Oracles !

February 27, 2007

Thank you for stopping by! I would like to share with those of you who do love cartomancy and specially cartomancy with European Oracles.

Here you have the list of decks that I use:

Petit Lenormand. I have many versions of this deck. It is my favourite one.

  • Piatnik <- My favourite one.
  • Carte Mundi
  • ASS
  • Gypsy Lenormand
  • etc.

Zigeuner Warhsagekarten aka Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. Edit. Piatnik. This is another European deck that I love.

Art Deco. Edit. Piatnik. this is a colorful deck. Also recomended.
Sibilla della Zingara. This is an Italian deck, the art in this deck is a little bit outdated, but the archetypes are still up to date. This is a good deck I advise you to buy if it still isn’t in your deck collection.

Oracle Belline. This is said to be an evolution of Mlle. Lenormand cards. It is said that the author, Mague Edmond, was one of Mlle. Lenormand’s students. This is a deck of 54 cards. The cards have a planet associated, a keyword and the main picture is a simple color drawing.

I also read Tarot, my Tarot deck is a common Rider-Waite. It is a very easy tarot deck to start with.

I still have more tarot and cartomancy decks, I’ll tell you about them in another post.

This is supossed to be an interactive site, so you are welcome to participate.